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Gokh-bi System "Message from Home"
Translated from Wolof to English
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Suma Deuk Waay

My Neighborhood

Come to my neighborhood,
if you want to know who I really am.
Where is it happening?
It's all happening right down here.
Look back and find out about your traditions.
Massamba Diop and Gokh-Bi System,
are making the TAMA talking drum come to life,
from Senegal to America,
and from Senegal to Europa.
I will never run away from my Senegalese traditions.
Where is it happening?
It's all happening right down here.
Come to my neighborhood,
if you want to know who I am.
Africa America Massamba Diop Gokh-Bi System
We make our message clear,
by revisiting our mind,
and making the music our pride.
Living in downtown won't make me forget my town,
Guediawaye Guediawye I will never forget you,
Guediawaye Guediawaye I will always remember my ancestors.

Translated from Wolof to English by Boubacar Diaite and Amadou Talla


Africa America
I voiced out my concerns,
and I was jailed.
The same way they jailed Nkrumah, Nelson and others.
Malcom and Martin died for the same cause.
I still remember the brave Yoruba men,
snatched from their farms in Africa to the plantations in the Americas.
Their soul inspired my music.
Stop oppressing my people
Stop oppressing Africa Cause we just started out.

Translated from Serere to English by Amadou Talla



Listen to this,
you immigrants from Sine and Saloum.
Let's talk about what we can do for our country,
Remember that only our culture can define our identity.
We must not reject it.
And however successful you become abroad,
you must always remember where you're from,
cause a person without culture is like a tree without leaves.

Translated from Wolof to English by Boubacar Diaite and Amadou Talla


Gangsters Gangsters
We reject violence.
"Viva la vida y none-violencia."
We Goxh-bi System are fighting violence,
with the sound of Farafina.
Gox-Bi System is rocking,
imposing the Ekontine-Rap to the world.
Serere, Diolas and Americans appreciate it.
Rap should be used for peace,
and against violence.
"Stop the murder,
you're killing one another.
why are you killing one another.
Father, Mother, Baby, Brother, and Sister, listen together.
Now the world is a big ocean where the biggest fishes eat the smallest one"


PART I in English
We don't see many good people around.
Is that a sign that the Judgement day is near?
Puzzling day that depends on Allah (God) only.
Let's be ready for that day,
and avoid sins.
Cause we will be judged on our actions.
Let's renew our faith in the Almighty.

Translated from Diola to English by Boubacar Diaite

Sana's Jola Lullaby

This song is dedicated to a friend (Balla Seck ) who left the village and went to the city to make money so that he can finance his wedding. when he returned to the village he was surprised and sad to discover that his Fianc e (Yande Gueye) married another man while he was absent.
Oh Balla Seck I am wondering
I am lonely
I am still thinking of Yande Gueye
Please come back Yande
Come back to me my love.

Translated from Wolof to English by Boubacar Diaite and Amadou Talla



Thinking of my love ,
thinking of my Dad,
thinking of my Mom.
Here I come to praise my color.
Bleaching your skin won't make you look prettier.
Women of Dakar,
I chant the divine beauty of your dark skin.

Sister Sister Stay the way you are,
don't bleach your skin.
The brother next door likes you just the way you are.
And no matter what you do to your skin,
you will always be black

Translated from Wolof to English by Boubacar Diaite and Amadou Talla

Real Life is Hard

Oh! Life is really hard.
Come laugh with us. Come see the truth is broken-hearted. Why is the foreigner more respected than me in my own country? It is not right. It is not fair. Truly, really, I have experienced that Westernization is not a good thing for me. It can't make me be successful, because it does not want me to connect with my ancestors. And you leaders, you know this and refuse to talk about it. Let me speak out. let me speak out. I am excited. I am trying to do something good for us. I am trying to build our house in the right way. You're telling me it won't happen here. This cracks me up. I'm still laughing. Come see my broken heart. Oh! Life is really hard.

We are not laughing anymore. We can't take it any more. We want to change this, and get out of it. All those angry high school graduates were showing their distress. They have been arrested, mistreated and beaten. So they gave up and decided to emigrate. My face, look at my face. I am sure I will go to Allah, my God. One day the sun will shine. I am working on that. This life is nothing. I am not a king, but we are fighting for justice to happen around the world. Eh Joe! Eh Joe! I make my work with my mic. What ever comes my way. Only God will judge me. God is the only one who can stop my way. Eh Joe! Eh Joe! Oh! Life is really hard. Oh! Life is really hard.

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