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Tony Vacca's World Rhythms programs offer everything from one day visits to five day residencies, complete with evening community concerts involving students and faculty. The groups can vary from solo to quintet, or in the case of the Senegal-America Project, can include an entire troupe from Senegal, West Africa. These programs can be and should be specifically designed to fit the needs of students, faculty, and curriculum.

Typical Applications Could Include:

  • World Music: The concept of playing from more than one musical cultural perspective at once. Looking at and demonstrating combinations of genres, instruments and languages.

  • Math: The complex polyrhythms played involve practical knowledge of math and geometry. Both principles are used to create a chart from which students learn to read and play these patterns.

  • English: Working with and performing poetry or rhythm poetry.

  • Social Studies: Discussing and demonstrating the confluence of cultures at work in America that shape our music and reflect who we are.

  • History: The impact of West African culture on American language, thought and music.

  • Diversity Training and Team Building: These "hands-on" workshops open hearts and minds while breaking down the unnecessary and self-defeating barriers we sometimes place between ourselves... And you get to be funky about it too. (I supply all the instruments from djembes to balafons, djun-djuns to bells, rattles to gongs. We'll use call-and response phrases and basic hand drumming techniques to help you find your way into a world of music and new connections.)

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