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A red-hot way-cool free-flow fusion of World Music, Jazz and Spoken Word

Tony Vacca: balafon, gongs, percussion, Spoken Word. Jim Matus: electric lautar, vocals. Derrik Jordan: electric violin, percussion, vocals.

Tony Vacca, Jim Matus and Derrik Jordan are three musicians and composers with some unlikely common ground. They share a special interest in the converging traditions and innovations that are constantly redefining what it is to be an American musician at this point in time. They are passionate and mesmerizing performers on their respective instruments, equally at home in a written composition or in a totally free-form improvisation. They are well-traveled in the pursuit of their visions, they are producers of recordings and performance events, and in creating Impulse Ensemble they are combining forces to make some truly extraordinary music.

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Jo Sallins

Jo is the bass player in World Rhythms. He's a remarkable bassist and musician.

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Shelley Cryan: Photographer

Shelley did many of the travel photographs on the web site. She sent with us to the Festival les Blues du Fleuve in Podor, and took some amazing pictures. To view more of that, click on "Galleries," and then click on "travel" on her site.

Bamidele Dancers and Drummers

Sekou Sylla is a regualar guest member of World Rhythms Ensemble, and an integral part of our education team. This is the group that he and his wife Marilyn lead.

African Drumming

West Africa Drum Culture

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