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Things Gotta Change
Things Gotta Change is an international collaboration by musicians, poets, and educators that addresses our interconnected humanity, and the power of our music and words to effect change.

"If we are the change (and we are) then music is the facilitator, the vibrational engine to encourage us and our children to become bold, innovative global citizens." (Tony Vacca)

The indigogo campaign is over, but the short film below is a great look into what we're doing, and YES, you can help fund this project.

What began as an impulse to address change in a changing world has become a project to create a collaborative recording by groups and individuals throughout the world community. The idea is that by using our music to share our deepest hopes and visions, we'll recognize something of ourselves in each other.

Over the past three years I've spent sixteen days at Soundesign Studio in Vermont, six days doing remote recordings in Senegal, five days at Jimi Mbaye's studio in Dakar, and a little over $12,000 out of pocket, and another $4,000 in work as the instigator, producer, co-composer/arranger and one-of-many performers.

I have totally loved every second.

Everyone who has touched this project has imbued it with their artistry and with their souls, and it feels like that every time I listen.

Getting this far has shown me that this project has a universal resonance; everyone is digging it. While it certainly seemed to be a coincidence that Africa was my first stop in building this project of collaborations, if in fact the final version involves the global community, then Africa, the starting place of our entire human family, would be the perfect place to start .

I want to finish this first chapter.

I'm planning to be in Senegal this January of 2014, and it looks like all of the many people who have participated in the project to date will be there too. The innovative, trend-setting Senegalese videographers of Gelongal are down for documenting this adventure, and so are all the performers. It's an incredible opportunity and I'd like to make the most of this, but I'll need some help.

In terms of money, I've pretty much put in all I possibly can - well- no, actually I've put in more than I even had at times when I didn't have enough. (Here's where I thank everyone involved for countless leaps of faith on behalf of my vision; I truly thank you all. And here's where I ask you, you, right there reading this - Here's where I ask you to help me with this.

(Thank you Billy Shaw for extending me every courtesy you could in the use of your studio; to Alan Stockwell for supurb engineering, to Abiodun Oyewole and Tantra Zawadi for showing the depths of your love in your words and actions, to Bideew Bou Bess for effortlessly taking leaps of faith with me, to Massamba Diop, to Focoti Mic, Nomila, Barou Sall, Djibril Ba, Pape Sakho, Mamadou Ndiaye, Backa Niang, Pape Pouye, and Gokh-bi System... and others who, without knowing, are poised to join with us in all of this.

We want to create a CD recording and an accompanying DVD video of this project as it unfolds.

It's all about change; from the struggle to change ourselves, to the challenge of realizing an ever-changing vision for ourselves and our communities on this miracle planet.

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