Rhythm Nomad

Mohamed Khazzaly Diallo

Khazzaly is a remarkable storyteller from Guinea, West Africa. His first stories were learned from his grandmother who raised him and the neighboring elders in the village of Sokotoro. His stories are based on traditional folk tales passed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years as well as the stories of the Koran. Khazzaly's stories also come from his travels through many West African countries and readings of storybooks such as "1001" nights.

Since Khazzaly's arrival in the United States in 1995, he has performed publicly in various schools for audiences from kindergarten to college. He has also been invited to schools as a guest speaker to discuss cultural issues such as politics, religion, racism, slavery, and languages of West Africa. Khazzaly speaks 11 languages, 8 West African languages as well as French, English and Arabic. With this ability for language, he has been invited to speak with students studying French and talk about the African Francophone culture and countries. He has degrees in accounting from the Republic of Mali Business and Accounting School. Khazzaly has experience in management, languages and with people.

Khazzaly has also shared his culture with a taste of African cuisine. Individual groups have invited him to prepare a traditional African entree and when their bellies are full, he invites the group to gather around him as he enchants them with his delightful stories.

Recently Khazzaly wrote a play, "Dream" for the Enchanted Circle Theater. The company has performed the play at numerous schools around the country and received excellent reviews.

The music of Tony Vacca is the perfect complement to Khazzaly's storytelling. Together they present a dynamic example of how an American and African artist establish and explore the common ground of their diverse traditions.