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Rhythm and Flow

Rhythm and Flow is a dream team gathering of musicians and poets; it's a
combination of The World Rhythms Ensemble and The Senegal America
Project. It’s a confluence of traditions and innovations in music and outspoken
words. These five musicians are life-long music explorers who use their roots in
Jazz, World Music, and Blues to create a signature all their own.
Poets Abiodun Oyewole (of The Last Poets) and Tantra Zawadi create the perfect
poetic compliment; a world class, male/female, one-two punch of word-and-flow
that is rare even in these days of the rebirth of poetry.

The band typically includes:
Tony Vacca: balafon, gongs, percussion (www.tonyvacca.com)
Charles Neville: saxophone (www.nevilles.com/biography/charles/)
Derrik Jordan: electric violin, vocals, percussion (www.derrikjordan.com/)
Jo Salins: electric bass, percussion (www.josallins.com/)
Massamba Diop: tama drum (www.tonyvacca.com/profiles/massambadiop/)
and poets Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets (www.abiodunoyewole.com)
and Tantra Zawadi (www.tantrazawadi.com).

**Attention radio/print editors and arts editors:
There are so many newsworthy stories to be told relating to these performers and
this concert.
-We’ve all got plenty of stories and a lot to say about “the arts” in the 21st century.
-Most of us travelled together to Senegal, West Africa as part of a US Embassy
grant; it was a great lesson in world-wide brother/sisterhood.
-The work we do together and separately is all about global citizenship, our
connected human legacy, and how we create and sustain equity in our
communities and in the world. We’d love to talk with you about this.


CD-2008 - A live-in-the-studio, red-hot, way-cool, free-flow fusion of World Music, Jazz, and Spoken Word. Musicians from Senegal, Guinee, Ethiopia and America create some distinctive flavors and great chemistry.

Rhythm and Flow is the third recording in the "rhythm trilogy" that includes "Rhythm Mission" and "Rhythm Griots." It's a look into how this ensemble has evolved and changed over two decades, and how this evolution has changed the music.

Tony Vacca: balafon, djun-djun, gongs, percussion; Derrik Jordan, electric violin; Joe Sallins: electric bass; Tim Moran: alto & soprano saxophones; Steve Leicach: djembe, shekere; with special guests; Massamba Diop: tama drums; Sana Ndaiye, ekonting; Backa Niang: djembe; Helen Kerlin-Smith, vocals.

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