Rhythm Nomad
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Rhythm Nomads


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Jean-Pierre Leduc
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Montreal, Canada
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Rhythm Nomads is a percussion driven pop, jazz, world music project featuring original Vinx songs as well as unique treatments of some of the world's favorite standards.  Rhythm Nomads was developed in partnership with Massamba Diop, one of the original members of Baaba Maal's Daande Lenol Orchestra and known world wide as Senegal's treasured talking drum master, and Tony Vacca, founder of the World Rhythms Ensemble and the Senegal-America Project.  With Vinx's sophisticated arrangements, jazz improvisation and soaring vocals, Rhythm Nomads is an exploration of modern day Afro-Pop.

Rhythm Nomads is:
Vinx - vocals, custom djembe
Massamba Diop (Baaba Maal, Senegal-America Project) - talking drum, dance
Tony Vacca (Senegal-America Project) - percussion
And regular guest percussionists...

"Vinx" De'Jon Parrette (percussion, vocals) Tony Vacca (percussion and Spoken
Word) and Massamba Diop on tama drum.

This is a musical journey... from World Music and spectacular percussion to
elegant vocals; from fiery Senegalese talking drums and giant African Xylophones
to exquisitely “Vinx-ified” standards... Each of these three performers brings
something truly unique to create a genre-bending "one-of-a-kind" performance.
And yes, dancing is always welcome.